Friday, July 29, 2011

2v2 Arena Season 10 Testing Succubus

2v2 Arena Season 10 Testing Succubus - WoW Cata Patch 4.2

Normally I use Felhunter during our 2v2's, but I decided to try out the Succubus pet and see if the extra CC was better then the extra damage. The Succubus's Seduction lasts 8 seconds the first time, 4 seconds the second time, 2 seconds the third, and then they become immune to it for about 30 seconds. The Felhunter can Silence the enemy for 3 seconds, or if cast when they are in the middle of casting a spell, 6 seconds. It can also do skill damage based on the amount of DOTs on the target, 30% dmg increase per dot. So I lose quite a bit of damage by not using it. This is the result. My conclusion is that the Succubus is better off as a situational pet best used by 'Soulburn' then 'Summon Succubus' if the need arises.

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