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Season 10

Week 7 HD (Affliction)

Week 6 HD (Affliction)

Week 5 HD (Affliction)

Week 4 (Affliction)

Week 3 (Destruction)

Week 2 (Destruction)

Week 1 (Destruction)

Season 9

Only Season 9 Video (Destruction)

1 comment:

WiseMen said...

I absolutely found your article on how you got started pvp'ing from the bottom all the way to the top fasinating,because I'm taking that same route,but I'm starting from a level 1 warlock.
I first had to grind reputation all the way to honored on a separate character doing quests in pve to 83,just so I could purchase the heirloom gear needed to do bg's without getting one shotted all the time.
I'm level 44 orc female warlock atm,(i love the laugh she has that gets under my opponents skin)and was sad to read about you switching to affliction,for I'm currently Destro. but it really makes sense when you think about it,arenas are not like BG'S,where you want the burst on a opponett ,before the zerg arrives :)

I look forward to reading more on your continuing climb up the arena ladder...keep up the good work.

p.s I normally cant follow arena videos,cause its hard for me to tell whats going on ,but the way you let the viewer know whats going on ,and why your doing certain things on the screen ,makes it very very easy to follow.