Listed below are the Add-ons I currently use for World of Warcraft and their benefits.


I find this add-on alot better then the default window frames. It has more flexability, options, and its easier to use.

Debuff Filter

This add-on is just simply awesome! It has tons of options and allows me not only to see what debuffs I have on the currently target and their time remaining, but it also allows me to see what CC's are on the focus target, and if my current target uses a certain buff such as Recklessness and the like.


I have this to help me keep track of my cooldowns. Basically it flashes the spell icon infront of my character when it comes off cooldown so I instantly know its ready just incase I was too absorbed in the fight and not paying enough attention.


Another awesome add-on. Whenever a nearby enemy uses a special ability such ad Divine Shield, Preparation, Recklessness, etc. it will actually say it even if im not targeting that person.


A must for anyone who arenas frequently in my opinion. It broadcasts a ton of things to party chat and if you use chat bubbles it becomes really easy for you and your teammates to see whats goes on. Also right click on enemy portrait is target, left click is Focus, very helpful.


I use this instead of my main action bars. It provides ALOT of flexability and lets me place buttons anywhere on the screen. I can even adjust their size, conditions for showing, and the hotkeys assigned to them.

Tidy Plates

This is my nameplates add-on. It looks alot better then the default IMO and has ALOT more actions. Not only that but you can see the cast bar of non-target enemies. It also has an option to show debuffs on the enemy target above their head.