Monday, August 22, 2011

Warlock PvP Tips N' Tricks

Listed below are some tips for Warlocks in PvP, mainly in an Arena setting since thats what I play in most often. I've also listed some good skill combos to use on certain enemies.

Tip 1:
  • Keybind EVERYTHING! Not only does putting all your skills on easy to hit keybinds increase your reaction time by 300% or more but it allows you to Kite players by running sideways, allowing you to avoid the Daze effect and still hit them with any instant cast spells you have at your disposal at the same time.

Tip 2:
  • Abuse the terrain to your advantage! Place your teleport behind objects so when you teleport your out of line of sight, avoiding charges, etc. If someone is casting at you and your near a wall, pillar, or box, dart behind it real quick before their spell finishes to interrupt them then go back. If your teleport is up on higher ground, lead people off ledges then teleport back up and cast down. Don't peek if its a deathknight ^_^.

Tip 3:
  • Don't trinket Repentance! The majority of Paladins open up with Repentance in hopes you will trinket it so they can stun you with a full Hammer of Justice. Don't trinket it.

Tip 4:
  • If affliction, Always keep exhaustion on melee enemies! Exhaustion is so overpowered its not even funny, yet the majority of affliction warlocks don't even use it. A rogue with exhaustion on him can't catch a warlock running away even if he pops sprint!

Tip 5:
  • Never start a fight with Death Coil vs. a Warrior! Death coil is your only means to get a warrior off you once he pops Berserker Rage. A better way to combat a warrior is to use 'Howl of Terror' to start with. The warrior will then Berserker Rage garenteed. When he does hit him with Death Coil. He will trinket it 90% of the time to avoid wasting his berserker Rage or any other cooldowns hes already popped. So, the second you death coil him put exhaustion on him and kite. But stay semi-close so he cant charge you. You will force him to Bladestorm the exhaustion off and then you just Teleport, and thats it. You've wasted alot of his stills and your Howl should almost be back up already!

Tip 7:
  • If a feral druid opens on you don't panic, save Howl of Terror! Feral Druids hate it when the person they open up on gets away, so use this to your advantage! When a feral druid opens up on you, trinket the pounce as fast as you can to hopefully prevent movement debuff. Immediatly after you trinket the pounce hit him with a Death Coil. Aleast 80% of all druids will trinket this and come back after you so when he does right before he gets into melee range use Howl of Terror. Since Druids don't really have anyway to get out of CC's once they use trinket he will have to eat the full fear.

Tip 8:
  • Always manual cast Spell Lock, take it off autocast! And only use it when you can lock someone out of their spell tree completely unless its absolutly nessesary to keep you alive. Against mages I highly suggest saving it until they counterspell you. When they counterspell they will always be looking to get off some quick dps on you and its a great chance to lock them out!


For now enjoy this video demonstrating some of the Tips N' Tricks mentioned above!

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