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All of my miscellanous videos are listed below. To change the video playing in the player just click on one of the links below. Not all of the videos in this section are World of Warcraft related.


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WoW 85 Destruction Warlock Arena / BG PvP 10,000 Views! Cata Patch 4.2

I wanted to thank all the people who appreciate my videos and the effort I've put into them so I made alittle something from the extra Arena and BG footage I had laying around in memory of 10,000 views on youtube!

Bleach AMV Ichigo Kurosaki x Orihime Inoue - Ichihime - Rihanna, Cry

This is an old Bleach AMV I made when I was into anime. It focuses on the relationship between Ichigo and Orihime during the Arancar Arc.

WoW 85 Affliction Warlock Arena PvP Season 10 Having Fun Cata Patch 4.2

Kofo and I wanted a change of pace so in this video I'm trying Affliction spec for my 2nd time ever and Kofo is playing on his level 85 Arms Warrior, Karnij. He just finished leveling it to 85 and doesnt have any PvP gear nor has he ever pvp'd with it before.

WoW 85 Destruction Warlock Arena PvP Testing Succubus Cata Patch 4.2

I wanted to see if the gained CC from using the Succubus outweighed the lost damage from the Felhunter. So in this video I used nothing but the Succubus and my conclusion is that its a purely situational pet.

85 Warlock PvP Destruction [ BG / Arena ]

This is the first PvP video I ever made. Its back when I use to click my keys instead of keybinding them. I find it nostalgic to watch. ^_^

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