Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warlock Macro Guide Patch 4.2+

Listed below are some very useful macros for Warlocks

If you have any suggestions for macros to add or an idea for a macro you'd like me to make add it in a comment below and I'll update this list as soon as possiable.

Trinkets and Equipment in Macros

Trinkets - 4.2
Description - Add these lines at the beginning or end of your macro to activate a trinket.
  • 13 is for the top trinket slot.
  • 14 is for the bottom trinket slot.

Equipment & Items - 4.2
Description - Add this line at the beginning or end of your macro to use an Item or piece of equipment.
  • Replace EquipmentName with the Item or Equipment name. Ex. /Use Healthstone.

Pet & Buff Macros

Enhanced Summon - 4.2
Description - This is a macro to summon and/or buff your pet & yourself.
  • Change each instance of Petname to the pet you want to summon. Ex. Felhunter.

Smart Pet Skills - 4.2
Description - These macros will use your current pets skills on no matter which pet you have out.
  • This macro uses your pets skill on your current target / yourself.
  • This macro uses your pets skill on your focus target / partymember.

DoT Macros

Fast Curse of the Elements - 4.2
Description - This macro will cast Curse of the Elements instantly after using Unstable Affliction.

Instant Soul Swap - 4.2
Description - You can use this as you would a normal soul swap or spam it while moving to instantly cast soulswap on your current target then cast it on your focus target without even having to re-target.
  • This macro only works while moving, if not moving use it as you would a normal Soul Swap.

Spammable Drains - 4.2
Description - With this macro you can spam your Drain Life & Drain Soul without worrying about interrupting your cast or wasting mana.
  • To make one for Drain Soul just replace both instances of Drain Life.

Focus Targeting

2v2 Arena Targeting - 4.2
Description - This macro will quickly target the person you want to kill and set the other to your focus.
  • Use this macro if you want to kill Arena Player 1.

  • Use this macro if you want to kill Arena Player 2.

Fear Focus - 4.2
Description - This macro will cast Fear at your focus without even having to target it.
  • You can also make the same macro for Death Coil by changing the name of the spell.

Miscellaneous Macros

Power Boosted Haunt - 4.2
Description - This macro will use your damage trinket and Demon Soul if they are available and cast haunt. If their not available it will just cause Haunt normally.

Faster Soul Harvest - 4.2
Description - This is a good macro if your taking alot of damage and teleport out of line of sight. Instead of clicking your pet on passive, waiting till you exit combat, and then casting Soul Harvest you can just spam this until it goes off. Saves a few seconds getting out of combat.

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